Money + Women = 2 Powerful Forces

Kristin is joined on this episode by Victoria Sexton, Financial Coach. They discuss the financials needs of women, investing, real estate and making sure that our money is working for us today, not just in the future.

During this episode, Kristin talks to Financial Coach, Victoria Sexton about the real issues that women face with money, how to address them and learning to change their mindset so that they can have better control over their lives.

The episode begins with brief statistics about women, their earning power, and the way in which men and women approach money differently. Victoria encourages listeners to take learning about money seriously. This is more than just a budget: She encourages women to embrace investing and look for ways to make their money work for them.

Kristin and Victoria agree that cutting expenses is not always the only or best option; women need to look for opportunities to earn more. That includes asking for a raise, being bold enough to find a job that pays what you're worth, being brave enough to start a side business, and finding other creative ways to increase the bottom line. Kristin states that women should stop limiting themselves, and Victoria says there is nothing wrong with wanting more money.

The two also discuss spending, with a unique approach not commonly heard. Victoria believes that taking care of yourself is also an investment. Get the blowout or the manicure if it makes you feel better. Kristin agrees because feeling better leads you to do better, and in-turn you may be more willing to take action steps to earn more.

Victoria gives the listeners some practical tips about 401k investments, deciding what is truly affordable and invites them to participate in her upcoming investment course.

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