Hard Work Affirmation

Updated: Aug 21

Hard work and Determination are the Foundation of my Success

Hard work and determination are the foundation of my success.

While I appreciate luck when it comes my way, I prefer to rely on my work ethic to create the change I desire in my life. My work ethic and determination are under my control. With these two things, I can accomplish any goal I set.

Obstacles are a small matter for me. I just keep working when faced with a challenge. Every obstacle falls away when faced with hard work.

As long as I persevere, I can overcome any challenge, obstacle, or setback.

My success is under my control. I am free from relying on outside influences to bring me success. I can take the majority of the credit for my achievements. I do have help from time to time, but the majority of the credit belongs to me.

I take full responsibility for my successes and failures. I prefer it this way.

Sometimes, success takes longer than I thought. I avoid feelings of resentment and frustration. I also resist the urge to give up. At times like this, I redouble my efforts and determination.

I have confidence in myself to succeed where others fail.

Today, I am focused on taking responsibility for the outcomes in my life. I remind myself that hard work has been the foundation of my success. My determination for success is at an all-time high.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have I given up on a goal too soon? Why did I quit?
2. If I never gave up, what could I achieve?
3. What are my goals? What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve them?

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