Hypnosis: Unlocking the language of the subconscious

What if the key to overcoming what holds us back, finding out what motivates us and realizing our own potential wasn't just rooted in what we know and our actions, but rather was locked somewhere in our subconscious? How could we tap into that knowledge to become better versions of ourselves?

On September 11, 2021, I will be joined on the So She Did Podcast, by J. Robert Parker, Certified Master Hypnotist and owner of Twin Ravens Hypnotherapy and Research LLC. Robert will share with our listeners what hypnosis is, and what you can expect when you see a hypnotherapist.

We will discuss the common misconceptions about hypnosis and he will share with us some ways that he has been able to successfully help his clients through hypnosis.

The episode will be released in October, so in the Spirit of Halloween, we will also spend some time talking about other un-common psychological tools, such as tarot cards: Are they mystical or is it just another way for people to tap into their subconscious?

This is an episode you want want to miss. Stay tuned for updates on the recording and release dates

For more Information:

J. Robert Parker

Certified Master Hypnotist

Twin Ravens Hypnotherapy and Research LLC


Facebook, Twitter and Insta- twinravenshypno

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