Functional Wellness: Healthy Mind and Healthy Body to help you live your best each day

During this episode, Kristin speaks with Functional Wellness Practitioner, Heather Gray about total body wellness, including the mind-body connection, leaky gut and sleep.

Heather Gray, Functional Wellness Practitioner, joins Kristin on this episode to talk about holistic wellness. The episode begins with discussing the impact of both physical and emotional trauma on the body and Heather explaining that it is important to understand that not all people experience trauma in the same way.

Heather then goes on to explain what exactly 'leaky gut' means. She details how the food and chemicals we are exposed to can trigger immune responses in people leading them to feel tired, sick or like they are in a fog. She addresses how to identify the symptoms and how it can be diagnosed using data driven tools.

Sleep is also examined in this episode with a discussion about the impact lack of sleep, over-use of caffeine and/or sleeping pills and stress can impact our brains' function.

Kristin shares some of her struggles in each of these areas and Heather says that there are solutions, and no matter how common an ailment or symptom may be---it is not 'normal.' They discuss the normalization of medication and illness in our society and challenge listeners to think about food as fuel and better supporting themselves by listening to their bodies.

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