Finding Balance in the Mind-Body Connection

What if the reason your mind feels foggy has everything to do with your body? What if the reason you're tired and never feel well has everything to do with your mind? The mind and body are not separate, they are one and the same and neglecting or caring for one has the same impact on the other.

Meet Heather Gray, FDN-P. Heather spent over a decade of her life struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, pain and fatigue. She experienced emotional issues such as rage and symptoms in line with a typical ADHD diagnoses. When her child was born, he was diagnosed with Celiac disease but didn't respond well to a gluten-free diet.

Later, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and prescribed a number of medications. She was relieved to finally have a diagnosis, but her hope quickly faded when the medications only partially reduced her symptoms.

Enter FDN: Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. In her search for a 'cure' for her ailments, she began to see her body more holistically---that is each symptom was inter-dependent on others. The food we consume, the live we live and the things that we expose both our mind and body to impact our ability to perform and live our lives to the fullest.

This September, Heather will be joining me on the So She Did Podcast to

share with listeners the ways in which we can have a better understanding of our mind, body and use data-driven protocols to improve our total wellness.

Specifically, we will be discussing how trauma affects people differently. Heather will explain what 'leaky gut' is and how it to recognize and address it, and she will talk with me about my own personal struggles with sleep.

Heather is a strong advocate for total wellness, and she believes that, "no matter how common a symptom may be, it is not normal." Follow along as we discuss how to truly maximize our health.

For more information:

Heather Gray with Discovering Health

Functional Wellness Practitioner

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