Domestic Violence: Facing the Lies that We Tell Ourselves

During this Episode of the Podcast, Kristin talks with domestic violence survivor, author and podcaster, Christine Mayo, about her 25 year abusive marriage and how she got the courage to leave.

During this episode, hostess Kristin Esparza and special guest, Christine Mayo discuss the dark side of domestic violence. Christine tells her story of surviving an abusive, on-again/off-again, relationship with the father of her children. She is open and honest about the responsibility she had in the cycle of abuse, talks candidly about the root of abuse and the struggles that she had in trying to leave, but continuing to return. Kristin and Christine offer practical steps that people in abusive relationships can take to get out and remember their worth.

Christine discusses the book she co-wrote, called Through Blind Eyes, which tells the story of how she, as a young girl fell in love and spent the next 25 years of her life battling both with herself and her husband.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as you liked creating it and share it with anyone who needs to hear the message that abuse is never okay.

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Christine is also involved in putting on a stage play in Cincinnati Oh. If you can not make the play but wish to support the play they can purchase a ticket and we will donate that ticket to a DV shelter in Cincinnati Oh to give these brave ladies a night out. Link to purchase the ticket -


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