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If you haven't tuned in yet, you are missing out! Whether you're sitting at your desk today, cleaning your kitchen or driving, I encourage you to START wherever you are. Choose an episode whose topic speaks to you and LEARN something new today.

In episode 1, Christine Mayo of @christinemayo_twothirdspodcast , shares her story of overcoming 25 years in an abusive relationship. She takes accountability for her role in the toxic relationship, but also assures listeners that you CAN get out of toxic situations and move on.

In episode 2, I am joined by Heather Gray, Functional Wellness Practitioner of @discoveringhealthfdn who walks us through the mind-body connection, leaky gut and sleep issues. This episode currently has over 1,000 YouTube views and is a great place to start if you are on the journey to wellness.

Episode 3 features Financial Coach, Victoria Sexton, @victoriafinancialcoach who doesn't take the traditional hard-line approach toward finances, but rather sees money as a tool to make our lives better and provide a better and more secure future for women.

There are 5 episodes live now on Spotify, Anchor, Amazon and Audible. They will soon also be live on Apple and Google Podcasts.

I hope you will tune-in and subscribe. Don't forget to share with others who will benefit from the great messages in these episodes.

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